Block print and modernity

Blockprinting is my job since 10 years, myself or working with block printers .

It is an ancient art of printing textiles (or paper) still living in India, but in the museums, nowadays in Europe, except some crazy people me.

Maybe having originated in China towards the early 3rd century.

Records of its presence in Egypt and some Asian countries were found around the 4th century, from where it spread to Europe (Les Indiennes de Nimes).

The block is a piece of wood made of seasoned teak or sheesham wood, precisely carved following a drawing .

In Sanganer, near Jaipur,I give to the block-maker my own design. And it is a incredible work of art, which has been passed on from father to son.

Each time, it is a emotional meeting with these artists.

block print BP1 BP3


Source :

1- Michael Patrao from



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