Napoleon and textiles

The Empire Style (First Empire) takes place during Napoleon first reign from 1804 to 1814 and still remains till 1821 .

It is the reflect of his prestige expression and is inspired by the greatest civilisations : greek, roman and egytian .

This style is also characterized by an artistic geometry.

One of Josephine's shawl patterns--very Greek!
One of Josephine’s shawl patterns–very Greek!

(source :

And thanks to some French architects, the Empire style travels through to Russia.

The Second Empire style, most popular between 1865 and 1880, can be defined by the word …richness : an eclectic mix of XVII th et XVIII th century, it’s an exuberant style with a lot of decorative patterns .

« Fabrics were very much in vogue in home decoration and fashion under the Second Empire (1852 – 1870), encouraged by the sumptuous festivities in the court of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie and by unprecedented development in the textile industry.

Because the Second Empire saw the invention of synthetic dyes and the spread of textile printing, the exhibition presents the colours and patterns in fashion at the time: flowers, stripes and oriental patterns invaded the textile sector. « (


Mode et décoration sous le Second Empire

En collaboration avec le Palais de Compiègne

Exposition du 8 novembre 2013 au 12 octobre 2014


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